Ensure all Anindilyakwa people can access sustainable housing that places culture first and is maintained, managedand developed by local people.


  • Respect
  • Strong Governance
  • Empowering Anindilyakwa People
  • Community-led Decision Making
  • Collaboratio
  • Trust
  • Integrity


  • Deliver new housing to meet the need across the Archipelago
  • Improve existing housing to meet the needs across the Archipelago
  • Ensure all operations are well managed
  • Empower local decision making and good governance
  • Build capacity and capability for local employment and leadership
  • Be financially independent and sustainable.


Local Decision Making

The AHAC Code of Conduct expects a high quality of professional, ethical and culturally informed conduct from its employees and management, in order to provide the best possible service to the Traditional Owners and community residents of the Groote Eylandt Archipelago.

Code of conduct