Directors Bio’s

Cherelle Wurrawilya, Chairperson, AHAC

Cherelle Wurrawilya is Chairperson for Anindilyakwa Housing Aboriginal Corporation.

Cherelle has worked as a Community Housing Officer on Groote Eylandt for 4 years. In her role as Community Housing Officer, Cherelle was responsible for conducting inspections of houses, assisting with the tenancy management services such as rent payments and tenancy agreements, and maintenance issues. Cherelle is currently Director of Yimundumanja Aboriginal Corporation, Anindilyakwa Employee Futures Fund Aboriginal Corporation and Winchelsea Island Pty Ltd.

Cherelle is currently a board member for Anindilyakwa Land Council and Anindilyakwa Services Aboriginal Corporation.

Cherelle is a future elder and representative for Wurrawilya Clan.

Cherelle Wurrawilya, Chairperson, AHAC

James Durrilla,
Vice Chairperson and Treasurer, AHAC

James Durrilla, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer, AHAC

James has extensive background in Governance serving on several Boards including Anindilyakwa Land Council, Anindilyakwa Land Council finance committee, Anindilyakwa Royalties Aboriginal Corporation and the Anindilyakwa Mining Trust.

James is currently working at AHAC as the Tenancy Liaison Officer, working with tenants to educate them on housing related issues. Before this role James worked as a team leader with the Royalty Development Unit liaising with Tradition Owners and other corporations on the Groote Archipelago.

James has previously worked for GEMCO for 5 years, in the drill and blast section.

James has strong financial management skills as his role on the ALC Finance Committee sees him make financial decisions for spending royalty funds that align with the cultural values of the Anindilyakwa people.

Lucille Wurramara,
Director, AHAC

Lucille has previously held positions with the Anindilyakwa Land Council, Outback Stores in Angurugu, the Milyakburra Sire council and the former Angurugu Council.

Elma Maminyamanja,
Director, AHAC

Elma is a School Attendance Officer for Angurugu School. Elma works with families in community to teach children the importance of education and help them catch the bus or walk to school. Elma is a board member of the Anindilyakwa Land Council, representing her clan the ‘Maminyamanja’s’.

Elaine Mamarika,
Director, AHAC

Elaine currently works with the National Indigenous Australian Agency in the Groote Eylandt and West Arnhem Team. Elaine has worked as an interpreter and at the Groote Eylandt Language Centre. Elaine is currently a Peace Maker for the Angurugu community.

Nesman Bara,
Director, AHAC

Nesman is the Executive Officer at Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation. Nesman currently is a Director of Groote Eylandt Bickerton Island Primary College, Anindilyakwa Land Council, Aminjarrinja Enterprises Aboriginal Corporation and Winchelsea Mining Pty Ltd. Nesman has extensive experience in governance, housing and construction.

Wayne Wurrawilya,
Director, AHAC

Wayne is currently working for the newly established Amangarra mechanical workshop on Groote Eylandt. Wayne is Chairperson of Amangarra Aboriginal Corporation and Director of Warningkalinga Aboriginal Corporation. Wayne is also a Peace Maker for the Angurugu Community. Wayne has previously worked at the Anindilyakwa Land Council as Team Leader of the Royalty Development Unit, delivering programs to community. Previous to that Wayne was the Sports and Recreation Officer at the Angurugu Community Government Council.

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