AHAC will ensure that all clients are served in the most efficient and effective way.

Our Service Commitment is that Anindilyakwa people, tenants and other customers can at all times expect AHAC to:

  • Deal with clients in a polite and helpful manner
  • Constantly look for ways in which AHAC service can be improved
  • Listen to clients and take their views into account
  • Provide clients with sufficient information
  • Treat clients fairly and take account of clients’ particular needs
  • Respect clients’ right to confidentiality

Housing Service Standards


Any Anindilyakwa person, over the age of 18, is eligible to apply for a house with AHAC. Applicants must provide satisfactory documentation to prove identity and income.

Applicants are encouraged to come to the office during opening hours and complete the application with the assistance of staff.

Applicants who are eligible for housing will be placed on a waitlist maintained by AHAC. The waitlist ensures that houses across the Groote Archipelago are allocated fairly to those in need, whilst recognising that some Anindilyakwa people will be in greater need then others.

Priority will be given to applicants who meet the below identified priority areas:

  • Overcrowding
  • Homelessness
  • Local employment
  • Medical (disability, MJD)
  • Domestic or family violence

Evidence from a doctor, social worker or referral agency to support the application (this includes restraining orders and evidence of a medical condition) will need to be provided with the application.

All allocations and transfers are made by the Housing Reference Group (HRG) for the respective community. The HRG will review the needs of the applicants against the types of properties available, the priority areas and ensure any cultural and community requirements are addressed.

The HRG will have the final decision on allocations and transfers.

An applicant will need to make a request in writing to be removed from the waitlist.

Request Removal from AHAC Waitlist

Complaints and appeals process

AHAC encourages clients to raise a complaint if they have an issue with services, products or facilities provided by AHAC. All complaints will be managed in a clear, consistent and transparent manner and are comprehensively reviewed.

Lodging a Complaint

  • Complaints can be made in person at the AHAC office, by telephone or email. The Complaints Form is available on the AHAC website and at the office
  • Complaints can be made by an advocacy or support service nominated to act on behalf of the complainant
  • Complaints received by Facebook and other forms of social media will be directed to one of the above methods
  • Anonymous complaints can be made through an external advocacy and support service, third party or via our online Complaint Form.

Fill out Complaint form

Resolution of Complaints

Once the complaint has been investigated, the complainant and other relevant parties will be informed of the outcome. If they are unsatisfied with the decision and wish to pursue the matter further they may follow the AHAC Appeals Process.

Appeals Process

The appeal process ensures that any client that has concerns about AHAC’s decisions are dealt with in a fair and transparent manner.

If a person disagrees with a decision made by AHAC, they are required to lodge written notice of an appeal within one month of receiving written notification of a decision.

If the person fails to lodge written notice within one month of receiving a decision, AHAC will take no further action and the original decision will stand.


Consumer Affairs provides advice to tenants and landlord/agents of residential properties in the Northern Territory.

The “Guide to Renting in the Northern Territory” is designed to give landlords and tenants an overview of their rights and responsibilities under the Northern Territory Residential Tenancies Act.

If you are uncertain of any advice provided to you by AHAC, please contact Consumer Affairs on 1800 019 319 or visit their website at

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